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For bloggers and online business owners, this challenge will take the mystery out of generating higher website conversions.

You’ll receive step-by-step instructions and helpful examples that make people excited to engage with what you offer. 

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Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The five-part framework that helps you confidently engage with online customers and ditch the guesswork forever.
  • How to double or even triple your sales with the one website element that most bloggers miss.
  • The ingenious way to talk to your customers and draw them into a story of their own transformation.
  • How to remove buyer doubt so customers can't help but buy from you.
  • Why your site navigation is repelling your customers and how to fix it in minutes.

Each short assignment in the 5-day challenge will lead you to strengthen the message on your website. The best news: most bloggers and business owners can make the changes themselves without the help of a designer, even if they’re just mildly tech-savvy.

Imagine how it will feel to finally overcome frustration.

  • If you’re tired of wondering why no one is downloading your offer,
  • If you struggle to understand why you're drawing traffic but not seeing conversions
  • If you’re frustrated with constantly experimenting, trying to find something that works,

and especially if you're ready to see an increase in your sales, then the 5-Day Challenge to Get More Engagement from Your Website is just what you’ve been waiting for.

You can stop the guessing game and know exactly what to do to gain more clicks, downloads, and sales from your website. 

How is as important as what

Let’s face it.

Knowing what to say in your website copy can feel overwhelming. But when you stay focused on your customers’ hearts and minds, everything becomes clear. 

Whether you're a blogger, podcaster, course creator, or Etsy shop owner, we all face the same challenge:  How to build trust and relationships with the customers we want to attract. But when we finally connect, we gain loyal customers who want to buy again and again.

Building connections in person often feels hard, and it's even more difficult in the online environment.

But don't worry. You're right where you need to be to make the process easy.  

So, if you’ve struggled enough with trying to get more conversions from your website, I’ll show you a proven system that will transform the way you engage with your customers forever.

You'll discover that how you share your message is as important as what you say.  

There’s no need for sleazy phrases and pushy sales techniques. It’s about helping your customers win the day and leading them through a simple plan.

When you can connect with their desires and emotions, your message feels more genuine and helpful (to both of you). And that feels great!

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Increase website conversions? Yes, please!

Anyone can master this framework.

By investing just an hour a day for 5 days (10 minutes of learning and 50 minutes of doing), I’ll show you how to improve website conversions and achieve steady, predictable growth.

  • Grow your email list
  • Gain a wider audience and loyal customers
  • See higher sales and greater income

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Each day in your inbox, you'll receive a short video (less than 10 minutes) that provides instruction and illustrations about how the strategies work in real life.



In just 45-50 minutes each day, you will think through each element and actually put it into action. Most bloggers and online business owners can make their own website updates, without the help of a designer.



Every element you add or update on your website will bring results. The more you do, the better your conversions will grow. Imagine how it will feel in just five days' time when more customers are clicking, downloading, and buying.

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Designed to Work the Way You Do:

✔️ Concise, easy-to-consume video content will be delivered to your inbox every morning.

✔️ Helpful, real-life examples will show how each element can look and feel on your own website.

✔️ On-demand content will allow you to work at your own pace and get the most out of each element. 

And it doesn’t stop there.

You’ll also get this exciting bonus:

I’ll personally review your website to provide a customized plan for improvement. This offer is free with the challenge and is yours for the asking!
(Value: $50)

Higher website conversions
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With a short video tutorial and application exercises each day for 5 days, you'll see higher sales in no time!

the principles

Most bloggers and business owners can make the changes themselves without the help of a web designer, even if they’re just mildly tech-savvy.

See more clicks, downloads & sales

Your website will become more than a (very) expensive business card. It will serve as a powerful sales tool that generates income—even while you sleep.

Hi, I’m Cathy McIntosh, certified business coach.

I’ve been a blogger and online business owner for over a decade. That means I’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort trying to find methods that generate sales and engagement. Finally, I discovered a different way to talk to my readers and customers, and it’s been a game changer. 

Inside this challenge, I’ll show you five critical yet easy-to-implement website elements that immediately impacted my bottom line. They’re the key strategies I wish I’d known when I first started out and I can’t wait to share them with you.

While still sitting in the workshop where I learned many of these strategies, I grabbed my laptop and implemented a few tweaks on my website. Almost immediately, I saw new sales notifications in my inbox, even before I could find my car keys and head home.

The frameworks I will share in this 5-day challenge helped me create a successful business. Now I employ a team and enjoy an income that has outpaced my former 9-5 positions.

As a Business Made Simple Certified Coach, I’m obsessed with helping writers master sound business principles, create marketing that works, and generate a robust income stream. Then they can give more generously and share Kingdom principles that transform lives.

I’m committed to helping you get more clicks, downloads, and shares from your website so you can enjoy the business of your dreams.

Let's get started.


May I ask a quick question?

What’s the cost of saying no?

If you’re looking to grow your business and use your website as a sales tool instead of a (very expensive) business card, your investment in this challenge is an easy decision.

A year from now, if your sales continue to grow and you see more and more people consuming your content, the cost of $27 will seem like a steal.

In fact, over a month’s time, this investment in your business will be 56 cents per day. These days it’s hard to think of a single item that’s a better value.  

With just one new sale of your best product or service, you’ll have more than paid for this incredible tool. And best yet, you’ll develop a skill you can use again and again.

You won’t regret improving your website conversions, but you will regret leaving your business growth to chance.

Start the challenge today and get access right away.

Growing a business is hard. I coach writers and entrepreneurs in 6 key areas to help them reach a wider audience and grow the business of their dreams.

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